Can I adjust the cant on my Type 1 Holster?

Yes.  Aside from your selected degree of cant, further cant can be adjusted by moving your speed clips or ACLP’s down the rivet line on one side or the other.  Ride height may also be adjusted this way.  However, cant and ride height cannot be adjusted with pancake loops or J clips.


How will Kydex affect the finish on my gun?

In short, it will cause some wear over time but Kydex has been found to be one of the most finish friendly materials used for holsters.  Kydex tends to wear at the contact points where as leather tends to wear overall.  Also, Kydex is a pure polymer plastic which does not contain glass hardeners as do many injection molded plastics.


Why should I choose Kydex over holsters made with other materials?

As far as comfort it really just comes down to personal preference.  Kydex is a hard plastic which will not give when you move, as will leather.  However, some claim that leather is more irritating when rubbed across skin than is Kydex.  Also, leather will retain moisture/sweat leading to some gun rust as Kydex will not.  Our Type 2 Holsters are compact, therefore they cover less surface area against the skin, which of course would reduce the amount of sweat produced.  Kydex is also very easy to clean with just soap and water.  It is also less prone to breaking/cracking as it is a pure polymer plastic that is less brittle than injection molded plastics that use glass as a hardening agent.


Why aren’t belt mounts included with the magazine carrier accessories?

The magazine carrier accessories are just that, an accessory to be attached to your gun holster which already has belt mounts on it.  To attach the two, one belt mount would be removed from the holster allowing you to attach your carrier to it.  You would then install the belt mount that you just removed from your holster on to the other side of your magazine carrier.  If you purchase your carrier accessory along with the Type 1 Holster they will come to you already attached.  If you would like the option of being able to wear the two separately at times, it would suit you better to buy the Standalone Magazine Carrier and select the Magazine Attachment Hardware kit (+$1.50) instead of the accessory. (Magazine Attachment Hardware kit contains the necessary hardware to attach the magazine carrier to the Type 1 Holster.)